About Me

I have always been fascinated with the mind.  My intention in University was to study Psychobiology, curious to study the biological basis of behavior, but a pushy advisor encouraged me to get a foundation in the hard sciences, so I pursued a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a focus on Genetics and Neuroscience.  I wrote my thesis, got published in the scientific journal Neuron, graduated with Highest Honors and Phi Beta Kappa, took my diploma, then left the country for 9 months to find myself, realizing that as much as I loved science and the pursuit of knowledge, I did not enjoy lab work.  

I found yoga in 2000, and soon thereafter met my teacher Sarah Powers, who introduced me to Yin Yoga and Buddhist meditation.  I joined the Seattle Insight Meditation Society sangha, have stayed grounded in the Buddha Dharma ever since, and am currently certified to teach mindfulness through the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance.  In 2004 I completed my first teacher training with teachers Powers and Paul Grilley, and soon after began teaching yoga in Seattle.  Since then, I have birthed and homeschooled two daughters, moved back and forth across the country, all the while maintaining my commitment to Awakening through breath, mind, and body practices, including Ecstatic Dance which I fell in love with along the way.   I completed my second teacher training with Sarah Powers in 2021, who also introduced me to Internal Family Systems (IFS).  I have since completed two trainings in Internal Family Systems Informed Parts Work with Lucas Fortsmeyer, and continue to submerge myself in all things IFS including my own personal and group work.  

In 2021, after a lifetime of feeling "different", I was diagnosed with autism, which opened up a whole new level of self awareness and healing.  I believe that my  autism actually makes me a skillful practitioner, as I am highly sensitive and deeply curious and my mind sees patterns and details that can often be missed.