Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based therapeutic model for psychospiritual healing as well as a paradigm for understanding and harmonizing the mind.  IFS believes that each one of us has many parts (or subpersonalities), which sometimes, due to events in our childhood, are wounded and cause us to think and act in unskillful ways.  IFS also believes that everyone has an inherent loving presence.  In fact, all spiritual traditions agree that everyone has this internal loving presence, our spiritual center that is naturally wise and compassionate.  Buddhists refer to this as our Buddha nature, in Hinduism this true self is called the Atman… Whatever it is called, all agree that this spiritual center is always present and available at any moment.  Internal Family Systems (IFS) calls this compassionate center the Self.  And according to IFS, Self is the agent of psychological healing.  Self heals.

During an IFS session, clients learn to bring this healing presence, or Self, to the parts of their psyche that carry wounds (or burdens), and work with them in a way that allows for healing.  IFS aims to balance and harmonize our internal family of parts within the internal system, and align with our true Self, allowing us to be more at ease within ourselves and with others.  IFS is deep shadow work, helping us to reparent our inner children and heal attachment wounds.  

I offer IFS informed 1-1 sessions where I will work directly with a client using the IFS methodology.

I also teach workshops and class series that give participants an opportunity to experience IFS for themselves.