A Practice of Mercy

Practices for aligning with your true Self 

My name is Mercy, and I am very excited that you are here.  I deeply believe that each of us has the innate power to heal and live the life that we dream of living. For the past 25 years I have been on my own healing journey, and I am here to share with you some of the practices that have helped me so much and I believe can help you too.  

As a certified Yoga and mindful meditation teacher and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed Coach, I offer my services with love and deep appreciation for their transformative capacities.

Please explore the pages and see if any of the practices interest you.  

"I started taking Mercy’s Yin class to get a better understanding of what Yin Yoga was. After the first class, I was hooked. Mercy intuitively knows what poses her students need, what to say, how much to talk and when to hold silence. Her voice is calm and comforting. She assists in creating a safe space so emotions can flow. I believe I wept in my first or second class which is unusual for me. The chronic tension in my neck and upper traps released and I felt as though I had gotten a massage. I then took a few IFS workshops which completely blew my mind. The combination of inner learning and work with a physical practice was new for me but felt so intuitive. Mercy has vast knowledge in both IFS and Yoga and her even keeled enthusiasm for both is contagious."

May you accept yourself just as you are.

May you be loving and feel loved.

May you be free.