Private Instuction

I offer Private Yoga Instruction remotely by Zoom.   

For local clients, I am happy to meet at my West Seattle private studio, located close to Lincoln Park.  

Private Yoga Instruction allows us to tailor a practice to exactly what you need.  I can help you create a home practice routine that you can commit to, including clarifying your intentions while staying grounded in mindfulness.  Private instruction is also helpful for students who are new to Yoga and want individualized attention.   

Interested in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Yoga?  I also offer Yoga and IFS Informed Sessions where we connect our minds and bodies through breath and movement, then use IFS to explore our internal landscape, connect with our parts, helping them to heal. 

Private Yoga Instruction Rates (with or without IFS):

The fee for a 75-minute session is $90

The fee for a 6-session package (6 75-minute sessions) is $480

Contact me to schedule or for more information.