IFS Informed 1-1 Sessions

I offer IFS Informed 1-1 Sessions remotely by Zoom. (For local clients, meeting in West Seattle is an option.)

My IFS Informed mindfulness coaching is grounded in the principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS), a compassionate and transformative approach that fosters self-discovery and healing.  My experience as a certified yoga and mindful meditation teacher profoundly informs these IFS Informed one-on-one sessionsYoga and meditation teach us to listen to our bodies, surrender to the present moment, and connect with the loving witness within. By observing our inner dialogue without judgment, we develop a compassionate awareness that is essential when working with the different parts of ourselves in IFS. This integrated approach facilitates deep and lasting transformation.

Whether you're starting a new journey or deepening your existing practice, I am here to support you. Together, we can create a path to wellness that is uniquely yours.

(Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions or mental health issues. Working with me is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.)

"Mercy B has a deeply compassionate and authentically kind presence.  The deep love she has cultivated for all of her parts helps me to accept and embrace all of my parts - contagiously. This work has changed my life and I’m so grateful to Mercy for sharing it with me."

-Anne Laderman, Yoga Instructor & Teacher Trainer

IFS Informed Sessions*:

IFS is not talk therapy.  It is more like an interactive guided meditation, where I will prompt you with questions that help you to go inside and connect with your parts.  IFS posits that you have everything you need to heal inside of you.  I am merely a guide,  companion and witness to your own inner journey.

An IFS Informed 1-1 Session is typically 60 minutes. 

IFS Informed Session Rates:

The fee for a one-hour session is $75

The fee for a 6-session package (6 one-hour sessions) is $390

*New Client Special* 4-session package (4 one-hour sessions): $144

Yoga and IFS Informed Sessions:

Yoga and IFS go great together!  Yoga is a wonderful way to access Self, the place from which the deep healing inner work is possible.  As we connect our minds and bodies through breath and movement, the Self naturally unfolds.  From this healing place of Self, we can use IFS to explore our internal landscape, connect with our parts, helping them to heal. 

I am happy to customize an IFS session to your needs incorporating Yoga instruction with traditional IFS work.  I like to schedule 75 minutes for ample time for Yoga and IFS. 

Yoga and IFS Informed Session Rates:

The fee for a 75-minute session is $90

The fee for a 6-session package (6 75-minute sessions) is $480

You may book an initial 30-minute no cost private consultation by Zoom to determine if working together is a good fit and if this type of work and healing is right for you. 

To set up a free consultation call (360) 389-2473 or email contact@practiceofmercy.com

*The IFS Institute is the official training body for IFS work.  With integrity, one should not claim that they do IFS without their certification.  As I am currently working towards certification, I won't say that I practice IFS until I complete my certification.   I say that my work is IFS informed, but for all intensive purposes, I do practice IFS.   

Because I lack certification, my rates are much lower than practitioners who are certified.  And I am happy to offer this, because I believe that healing should not be cost prohibitive.  With that in mind, I also offer donation based rates, so please contact me if you are interested in my work, but don't have the means to pay my rates.