Online Yin Yoga Classes

I am very excited to be offering Yin Yoga classes online.  

The class will be weekly on Wednesday’s, 4-5:15pm Pacific Standard Time.

First class is free, $10 per class after that.

There will also be a recording sent to attendees who can’t attend live.

To join just email me and I’ll send you the zoom link and payment options.

Class Description:

Yin yoga, a quiet and contemplative practice, works into our body on a very deep level.  By holding floor poses passively and for longer periods (3-5 minutes), the connective tissues of the body - the ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascial networks - are targeted.  When attention is given to the connective tissue, circulation is increased, joint mobility is improved, and overall energy flow is refined, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs. And with an emphasis on mindfulness, each pose can be treated as a mini meditation, encouraging deeper relaxation and calming the mind/body.  

Contact me for next available class: email